Amina’s amazing art

Last month I was asked by audiologists at Charing Cross Hospital to do a healthcare work experience. This was a Q&A session with GCSE students who are interested in pursuing a career as a healthcare professional.

On the day, I met Amina Ansari, a British Asian artist, who also participated in the Q&A session. She has an acquired hearing loss, which she has had from childhood. After the session, I had a good chat with this talented young lady and I found out that she painted the Queen last year! In fact, her work has been placed in Buckingham Palace and she has received recognition of her work by her Majesty. I also found out that she is an artist who likes to bridge the gap between East and West in art.

After I got home, I looked at Amina’s website and I was amazed at how well Amina captured her subjects in her portraits and what I found most inspiring was that her hearing loss had not deterred her from carrying out her life’s purpose, which is to paint beautiful pictures. She told me that somewhere along the line eyesight can be a gift when losing your hearing, and she also said that she loves to bring out colour in her subjects. I noticed her brilliant eye for detail in her work and also the rich and vibrant colours that she uses on her canvases, such as brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. These seem to blend in so well with her subjects and also seem to somehow capture the richness and colour of her beloved Pakistan in a way that I find surprising and refreshing.

My wife and I are delighted that Amina’s next subject will be our feisty Jack Russell Terrier, Jake. This will be the first time she has ever painted a dog. We are honoured that our humble terrier is being painted by such an inspiring and talented young artist.

If anyone is interested in finding out more about Amina’s work, here is her website:

the QueenAmina


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